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UIT Investing’s best-in-class research is based on a proprietary ratings system (the UIT Investing Ratings™) that measures and compares UIT risk-adjusted performance and primary expenses to provide a quantitative assessment of UIT investment opportunity.

The company uses a quantitative approach to weigh key UIT performance drivers, or categories (including returns, risk metrics and expenses) and evaluates them in a proprietary model. Each category is assigned an individual star rating, which are then compiled to develop an overall star rating.

Star ratings for each category and the UIT as a whole are generally provided across 3-, 5-, and 10- year periods. It is assumed that UIT units are held until the termination of each series and rolled into the subsequent series throughout each time period. When the UIT strategy does not provide the minimum required historical data, or does not have sufficient data to evaluate, no rating will be provided.

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