New Deposits, August 2

Growing fern

Here are the reports for this week’s deposits of our covered UITs.

StrategySponsorInitial Offer Date
Dividend Edge PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/31/19
Market Strength Allocation Opportunity PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/31/19
Market Strength Allocation Select PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/31/19
Tax-Advantaged Municipal Closed-End PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/31/19
U.S. Revenue PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/31/19
American Agenda PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/29/19
Deep Value Dividend PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/29/19
Equity Income Select PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/29/19
American Infrastructure Growth PortfolioInvesco Capital Markets07/26/19
Content Leaders PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/26/19
High Dividend Equity PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/26/19
MLP & Income PortfolioInvesco Capital Markets07/26/19
Municipal Income Opportunities Closed-End PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/26/19
New York Municipal Income Select Closed-End PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/26/19
Technology Dividend PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/26/19
Technology Select PortfolioFirst Trust Portfolios07/26/19

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