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Top Report Downloads, June 24

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Here are the most popular research reports downloaded in the past week.

StrategyAsset ClassSponsor
1. Diversified Dividend & Income Portfolio Domestic EquityGuggenheim Funds Distributors
2. Health Care Portfolio Domestic EquityGuggenheim Funds Distributors
3. Dividend Strength PortfolioDomestic EquityGuggenheim Funds Distributors
4. Dividend Sustainability PortfolioDomestic EquityInvesco Capital Markets
5. Nasdaq® Dividend Achievers 25 PortfolioDomestic EquityFirst Trust Portfolios

UIT Investing has created the first dedicated database of unit investment trust research reports, each with a star rating, that gives finance professionals access to the information they need to make investment recommendations with confidence.

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