Introducing UIT Investing: The First Dedicated UIT Research Platform

Better UIT research will drive better decisions for finance professionals

The Need for UIT Research

As a finance professional I’ve long relied on access to timely and accurate information. Over the years I’ve benefited greatly from the abundance of third party research and high-tech analytical tools.

More than a dozen years ago I chose to specialize in unit investment trust (UIT) investing. I discovered that research analysts do not cover all investment products equally, or in the case of UITs, there was no coverage at all. And for the past several years there has been little improvement in available research and analytics for UITs.

The process of researching and analyzing UITs has been cumbersome and difficult. Side-by-side comparisons of historical performance, risk metrics, fees and expenses, portfolio analysis, from product sponsors has been near impossible, even though you could perform this type of research on mutual funds, closed-end funds, and exchange traded funds from an abundance of third-party providers such as Morningstar.

I discovered that financial advisors from coast-to-coast shared the same challenge and that trade publications have repeatedly documented the need for comprehensive, detailed UIT research.

We launched UIT Investing™ to fulfill that need. We developed our proprietary software and quantitative rating system to make advisors’ jobs easier and to free up their time for the important part of their business: developing and managing client relationships.

We’re just getting started but I’m gratified by the enthusiasm I’m seeing for our venture throughout the industry. I particularly want to thank the plan sponsors and distributors of UITs who’ve voiced their support. They are the people who know this business best and they appreciate what we’re doing.

As we move forward and awareness of our service grows, I’m confident that financial advisors and the investing public will find themselves much better informed and able to make better investment decisions.

Overview of UIT Investing

UIT Investing is a go-to resource for information and quantitative analysis of the current unit investment trust offerings on the market. We are a comprehensive resource of detailed UIT information available to the public. Simply stated, our subscribers enjoy instant access to indispensable data, valuable research and proprietary ratings on a broad range of UITs.

Our reports have two important components: 1. UIT information and 2. UIT ratings.

UIT Information

Our research reports are designed to quickly and accurately convey critical information to decision makers. Certain aspects of every UIT we cover is precisely communicated to the reader in a few information rich but concise pages.

At a glance you’ll know the asset class and investment objective behind each UIT. A succinct paragraph or two will detail the plan sponsor’s security selection strategy. Historical performance data will be at your disposal. Sector and security weights are also included. All of this information and much more is available in every report we publish and all our reports are available and easily accessible to our members all in one place.

UIT Rating

Our proprietary UIT rating system is the first and the only of its kind in the UIT industry. It’s the crown jewel of UIT Investing and it’s what we believe will make our service invaluable to UIT investors.

Our ratings are data driven and quantitative in nature. The process relies on a combination of advanced computing, complex algorithms, and sophisticated software. This is not a plug-and-play, off-the-shelf program that might be used to rate any security. Our system was designed to specifically analyze and rate individual unit investment trusts.

Experience has taught me that there are three categories that typically concern investors most: performance, risk, and expenses. Further, we also rate each UIT over time, providing three-, five- and ten- year rankings (depending on availability of data).

UIT strategy performance is compared against a relevant benchmark index across all time periods. We also rate UIT strategies in accordance with the way most UIT investors invest. That is to say, we rate based on the assumption that the investor buys the strategy on the purchase date, holds until termination, then rolls it into the next (or current) series until the present time. Using this method, we are able to create an invested performance over longer historical periods.

Our risk metrics include inputs such as Standard Deviation, Sharpe Ratio, R-Squared, and more. Expense ratings are a straightforward, but comprehensive analysis of the relative costs of similar UIT strategies, and an annualized table to compare to other investment vehicles.

Contact us with Questions

We’re very proud of our new company and happy to offer our flagship product, our UIT research and rating system, to advisors and investors.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, suggestions and feedback at info@uitinvesting.com. We’re here to help make UIT investing easier for our clients.

© 2018 UIT Investing, Inc. All rights reserved. UIT Investing, Inc., a registered investment advisor with this State of Illinois. This material does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Investors should completely read and understand the product prospectus prior to investing. All investments carry a certain degree of risk and there is no assurance that an investment will provide positive performance over any time period. Past performance is not indicative of future results and should never be relied upon in making an investment decision or recommendation.

UIT Investing has created the first dedicated database of unit investment trust research reports, each with a star rating, that gives finance professionals access to the information they need to make investment recommendations with confidence.

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