UIT Strategy Ideas: Small and Mid-Cap Investing

Small Stocks Powering the Market Larger stocks have continued to lead the overall market but companies in the mid-cap space have also made sizeable contributions to returns due to strong economic data and earnings growth across a variety of industries. Breadth of returns can be a positive signal for a continued bull market. Smaller companies …

Thematic Investing With UITs

Unit investment trusts (UITs) can be an attractive option for clients looking to invest in specific investment concepts or themes based on market cycles or broader structural changes in the economy. Thematic investing focuses on tactical investment opportunities that could drive market performance in the years to come. The UIT structure may be able to …

Introducing UIT Investing: The First Dedicated UIT Research Platform

Better UIT research will drive better decisions for finance professionals The Need for UIT Research As a finance professional I’ve long relied on access to timely and accurate information. Over the years I’ve benefited greatly from the abundance of third party research and high-tech analytical tools. More than a dozen years ago I chose to …

UIT Investing has created the first dedicated database of unit investment trust research reports, each with a star rating, that gives finance professionals access to the information they need to make investment recommendations with confidence.

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